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You didn't specify which 4895, but either way, hodgdon online has data for both with an 85 tsx. I'm using imr4831, but I really did LIKE 4451 for 85-90 gr monometals with max loads and temperature insensitivity, I just went to 4831 for more speed, but it's my winter varmint load, if I was truly worried about temperature, I'd run the 4451.

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Purchase a GRR-RIPPER Advanced (GR-200) and get a FREE Gravity Heel Kit . ** This Gripper 200 is by far exceeded my expectation by giving me a peace of mind and confidence especially when ripping narrow strips, the results are amazing, I was able to follow all Microjig videos, it is a great tool...

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Load Data Safety Warning. Reloading ammunition is an activity that possess with it a certain amount of risk due to hazards of storing and handling flammable chemicals (powder), incendiary devices (primers) and bullets containing lead.

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I figured if I can get a load worked up to shooting less than an inch at 100 yards I I want to try and stay around the 200gr weight due to the better BCs and I have a Nosler Accubond LR Hornady ELD-X Barnes LRX.

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A collection of data and miscellaneous media donated by individuals to the Internet Archive. eye 204.1M. A collection of APK (Android Package) Software Programs uploaded by various users. 200.7M 201M.

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Developed to match the advancements in rifle accuracy and extended-range optics, the BARNES® LRX .30 200-Grain Rifle Reloading Bullets feature a long profile, boat-tail design to deliver match-grade accuracy at long ranges. The high ballistic coefficient and terminal performance helps ensure a quick, clean ethical kill.

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Jan 23, 2012 · In addition, there are projectiles in .22-caliber/40-grain and 50-grain, and 6mm/58-grain and 72 grain. All are hollowpoint flat base bullets with lead cores and gilding metal jackets. There is also a new 171-gain boattail Match Burner in 7mm, and three new offerings in the LRX long-range hunting bullet family: a 127-grainer in 6.5mm, a 168 ...

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Berger 375 (.375) 407gr Extreme Long Range Match Solid Bullets 50 per box

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Rifle ammunition with eXergy bullets. S&B’s original solid copper hunting bullet designed for deep penetration and high weight retention on the toughest game animals.

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Barnes Bullets. Barnes Bullets 29061 VOR-TX LR Rifle 338 RUM 250 GR LRX Boat Tail 20 Bx/ 10 Cs. Barnes VOR-TX is precision ammunition loaded with TSX Tipped TSX or TSX FN bullets to offer double-diameter expansion maximum weight retention and excellent accuracy. The TSX bullets provide maximum...

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ALL 160 gr 180 gr 185 gr 200 gr 210 gr 215 gr 225 gr 231 gr 250 gr 265 gr 275 gr 300 gr. Bullet Type TSX-FB (Barnes) FED 215: Hunter (Ramshot) WIN: 2.490 3.320 Starting: 63.4. gton (Barnes Reloading Manual #4) reloading data with 68 loads.

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Look at the Barnes data for 110 grain TTSX. I'm not sure that 3450 fps in 270 Win is significantly less than 3550 fps in the 270 WSM. The 270 Win already carries a walloping punch for a .277" bore and extra capacity doesn't convert into much extra huntability, if at all. Where magnum capacities start to make themselves felt is in the medium bores.

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<NEW> User Loading Data. My Loading Data; All User Loading Data; ... ALL 185 gr 200 gr 210 gr 215 gr 225 gr 250 gr 275 gr 300 gr. ... 185 gr TSX (Barnes) REM 9½M ...

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