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Like brake fluid, power steering fluid is a hydraulic fluid that helps boost power to the steering system. Check your power steering fluid level when your car is not running. A leak in power steering fluid could decrease steering function and become a safety hazard. Get low or leaking power steering fluid checked right away.

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Ive been chasing a leak at my CPP adjustable proportioning valve for a while. I bleed the brakes, and the pedal is nice. i then take my jack handle and jam it between the seat rail and the brake pedal to keep pressure on the brake system for a few hours just to see if i have leaks. and sure enough, i get a little leak.

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Use Lucas Oil Stabilizer in gear oil to stop leaks, reduce operating temperatures and increase the life of the gear oil. Since it is pure petroleum, it can safely blend with all other automotive lubricants, even synthetics, ATF and mineral oil.

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Jun 18, 2004 · Silicone brake fluid and regular brake fluid should NEVER be mixed! The are incompatible, and doing this can cause BIG problems! If you are going to switch over to DOT-5 silicone fluid, you must completely remove all of the regular stuff- it would be best to disassemble everything, and clean the parts with denatured alcohol or spray brake cleaner.

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We have the car sealants you need. Whether you are looking to do some radiator repair, or you need engine sealant for a blown head gasket, we have powerful stop leak products that can seal small leaks in your vehicle's fluid-based systems, like AC, oil, and the cooling system. Stop problem leaks for good today with the right stop leak for you.

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Feb 19, 2011 · those transmissions have a gasket that goes between the two peices of the fluid coupler (torque converter) if that gasket has worn out, that would be the leak, wich means that the stop leak mite not work, that is the case with the hydro in my 55 pontiac, i tryed it in mine.

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3200 Universal Stop Leak & Conditioner SDS; 3416 Silicone Spray SDS; 3832 Full Synthetic Power Steering Fluid SDS; 4000 Ethanol and Fuel Stabilizer SDS; 4016 Super Penetrating Oil SDS; 4220 Engine Cleaner Degreaser SDS; 4340 Octane Treatment SDS; 4380 Gas Treatment SDS; 4505 Non-chlor. Fast Dry Brake Cleaner SDS; 4520 Non-chlor. Fast Dry Brake ...

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Brighter colors and less oily fluids will indicate coolant, washer fluid, or brake fluid leaks. If the color of the fluid is black, this is a sign engine oil is leaking out of your vehicle. Engine oil helps maintain temperature and proper vehicle operation.

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The licensed distributor of Valvoline and Max Life maintenance and performance products, offering a complete line of chemicals that include fuel additives, parts, cleaners, starting fluids and functional fluids.

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Brake Fluid; Power Steering Fluid; Carburetor Cleaners; Diesel Fuel Treatment; Solvent; Starting Fluid; Stop Leak & Radiator Flush; Gas & Oil Additives; WD-40 Penetrating Oil; Windshield Washer Antifreeze; Freon (R12 & 134a) Transcoat (Undercoat) Kerosene; Ice Melter; STP Products; Heet; Power Service Products; Service Pro (Complete Line ...

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There is no stop leak for brake fluid. This needs to be towed to a shop. Dangerous!

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An stop leak additive is a non-solvent chemical formula containing a blend of friction modifiers and other refined petroleum products. Mileage, age, heat and pressure can cause engine gaskets, o-rings and other seals to shrink, harden or dry up.

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Hydraulic System Stop Leak, 32 oz by BlueDevil®. BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak permanently seals hydraulic leaks. The hydraulic leak sealer is available in both 32 oz & 1 gallon sizes. One gallon treats up to 20 gallons of hydraulic oil.

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