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Nov 12, 2010 · 57. It can be said that 1 kg equals 2.2 lb. What does this statement mean? What would be the proper way of making the comparison? It means that on Earth’s surface, the weight of 1 kg is equivalent to 2.2 lb. You should compare masses to masses and weights to weights.Thus 9.8 N equals 2.2 lb. 58. You toss a ball straight up into the air. a.

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If this cricket ball were made of neutron star material it would weigh about 20 trillion kg, or about 40 times the estimated weight of the entire human population. Another remarkable property is that neutron stars generate the most extreme magnetic fields known in the universe, up to a quadrillion times the strength of Earth's magnetic field.

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39. When objects are moved further apart from each other, the force of gravity increases / decreases. 40. According to Newton's second law of motion, a larger force acting on an object causes a greater _ ___ of the object Physical Science Motion and Forces Worksheet. Answer Section PROBLEM. 1. 370 N. 2. F = ma = 12 kg 4 m/s2 = 48 kg m/s2 = 48 N. 3.

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In other words, 2 kilograms is 1.9999440 times the weight of a liter of Water, and the weight of a liter of Water is 0.5000140 times that amount. (fresh; 4° C / 39.2° F; maximum density) Contrary to popular belief, 1 liter (0.0.264172052358148 gal) of water at 4° C / 39.2° F (its point of maximum density) weighs 1.000028 kg rather than 1 kg ...

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A quart of water is close to one Kilogram. I have a quart of Gatorade on my desk right now. It holds 946 ml of Gatorade brand new and unopened. The container has about 40 ml of space when buy them, the rest is Gatorade.

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Question 474332: hooks law states that the distance d that a spring is stretched by a hangin object varies directly as the weight w of the object. if a spring is stretched to 40 cm by a 3-kg barbell, what is the distance stretched by a 5-kg barbell? Answer by stanbon(75887) (Show Source):

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A 1 g object will sink until it displaces 1 g of water. A 2 g object will sink until it displaces 2 g of water. This behavior is independent of each object's size and shape. Water has a density of 1 g/cm 3. Therefore, the 1 g object will displace 1 cm 3 of water. The 2 g object will displace 2 cm 3 of water. An object with a mass of 25.2 g will ...

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What objects weigh a kilogram? One litre of water at 4o C would weigh one kilogram. Scientists have a prototype cylinder made up of platinum-iridium alloy which weighs exactly one kilogram at the...

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I have the kids sit in a big circle and give them each 1 or 2 objects that I have gathered from around the classroom. (I choose objects that can easily be ordered by length). I tell them that we are going to put all of these objects in order from shortest to longest. I start by putting one object down.

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15 The mass of a full bottle of cooking oil is 1.30 kg. When exactly half of the oil has been used, the mass of the bottle plus the remaining oil is 0.90 kg. What is the mass of the empty bottle? A 0.40 kg B 0.50 kg C 0.65 kg D 0.80 kg

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2. A tiger weighs 440 kg. A bison weighs 672 kg. How much heavier is the bison than the tiger? workspace: answer: _____ 3. In the produce section, a grocer splits 45 kg of apples into 5 smaller tub. Each tub holds the same amount. How many kilograms of apples does each tub hold? workspace: answer: _____ 4. A farmer is loading sacks of

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8. 3.2 Potential and Kinetic Energy. 1. 19.6 joules 2. 6 joules 3. 0.204 kilograms or 204 grams 4. Answers are: 5. Answers are: a. The 4-kilogram object had more kinetic energy while

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coefficient of friction ("mu") between the object and the surface, the mass, and the acceleration of the object. (Neglect air resistance.) .98 m/s 10. A 5-kg object is sliding to the right and encountering a friction force which slows it down. The coefficient of friction ("mu") between the object and the surface is 0.1.

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