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AWS CodeDeploy の hooks を使う際に直感と反する動きをする箇所があります。 その部分を予め理解しておかないと、罠にはまって悩みまくることになります。

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DownloadBundle: occurs when CodeDeploy agent downloads bundle from S3 bucket. BeforeInstall: occurs before AWSCodeDeploy starts deployment of application code to the deployment target.

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自分用メモ 概要 CodeDeployのhook時に、現在prdなのかstgなのか判別したい。 ユースケースとしてはアクセスするS3バケット名を変えたいときなど。 アプリケーションリポジトリは一つなのでhook scriptの中で分岐させる必要がある 。 やりかた 下記ドキュメントのようにhooksでアクセスできる環境変数 ...

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CodeDeploy의 동작을 제어하는 파일인 appspec.yml 을 작성한다. 위에서 언급했다시피 docker build 및 push 까지는 Jenkins 또는 Terminal 작업 후 진행하기 때문에 BeforeInstall Option만 사용한다. appspec.yml. version: 0.0 os: linux hooks: BeforeInstall: - location: /scripts/hello-codedeploy.sh

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What are containers? Self contained Process isolation OS virtualization Server Automation Guest OS Bins/Libs Bins/Libs App1 App2

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This helps as it ensures CodeDeploy doesn’t leave files that prevents CodeDeploy from running because it thinks it is in the middle of a deployment. I also strongly recommend CodeDeploy take the output in the log files that are saved on the EC2 instance and make a copy in the CodeDeploy front end similar to what CodeBuild provides.

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Diagnostics - Various source said I've misconfigured the security group settings. Which is not the case. - The zip file was fine in S3 but the deployment agent doesn't seem to extract the zip file.

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CodeDeploy provides hooks for certain deployment events, so you can be sure to execute certain actions at the right time. It allows deployment from S3 or from Git. Finally, unlike Beanstalk or OpsWorks, CodeDeploy is a deployment tool only. You will need to build and provision infrastructure yourself in advance of using CodeDeploy.

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Hooks Hook Index. Hook Index.

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bin/codedeploy-agent start. To stop it: bin/codedeploy-agent stop. Integration Test. Please do the build steps mentioned above before running the integration test. The integration test creates the following. An IAM role codedeploy-agent-integ-test-deployment-role if it doesn't exist; An IAM role codedeploy-agent-integ-test-instance-role if it ...

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AWS CodeDeploy用appspec.yml「hooks」セクション用スクリプトにてタグの値を環境変数として利用する方法 - Qiita. 以下、AWS 公式ページにて、デプロイライフサイクルに対応したスクリプトと利用できる環境変数群が指定さ...

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