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The output is the highest I've seen for its class of canister filter. The only place where design falls short (in my opinion) is with the accessory hardware for the siphon and return tubes. This collection of small and frankly, silly plastic parts reminds me of ready-to-assemble toy that would come in a Happy Meal.

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10510 Fluval New 3 Stage Filter Home Office Work Mini Aquarium Kit 2 Gallons Easy Clean Light (34.6% similar) When filling aquarium with water, add the correct doses of nitrating aqua plus, tap water conditioner and nitrating cycle, a biological aquarium supplement sold separately product details 2 gallon aquarium with molded cover 40 gallons per hour circulation pump with output nozzle ...

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Input/ Output nozzle placement. Morning All, Next week I plan to replace my internal filter on my Juwel Rio 180 with a Fluval 406. I just want to ask advice on the ...

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Fluval Water Polishing Pad for 306/307/406/407 (6 pieces) 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,174. £7.79 ... The Fluval Vicenza & Venezia Output Nozzle is suitable for the following:

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Fluval FX5/FX6 Output Nozzle. ... Fluval 305/405 306/406 Intake Strainer with Check Valve. Sold Out Fluval 105/205/106/206 Rubber Adapter for Ribbed Hosing.

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Fluval 406 Includes: - 4 x Foam pads - 4 x 70 g carbon - 2 x Polishing pads - 2 x 120 g BIOMAX - 2 x Bio-Foam - AquaStop valve assembly - Ribbed hosing - 2 rim connectors - Intake tube - Intake strainer - Output nozzle - 2 rubber connectors - Instruction manual - Quick start manual . Fluval FX4

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Multi-directional output nozzles can be fully adjusted to create customized water flows . ... Fluval Foam Filter Block for 406/405/404 (2 pack) 01-24-2019

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Laval / North Shore 31/10/2020 The filter Fluval FX5 is working and it in a very good condition. The Fluval Output Nozzle, A20230 Rim Connector, Lock Clamps, FX6 Intake Strainer and Ribbed Hosing are brand new. Le filtre Fluval FX5 fonctionne et il est en très bon état.

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EasyClean pre-filter module: No more bothersome removal of the filter - the pre-filter module is simply taken out, rinsed out and reinserted; On request: Includes integrated HeatUp adjustable heater for BioMaster Thermo - it can also be retrofitted

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Aug 19, 2019 · Fluval 06 series filters come with most things for setup including: baskets, filter media, AquaStop valve assembly, ribbed hosing, 2 rim connectors, intake tube, intake strainer, output nozzle, 2 rubber connectors, instruction manual, quick start manual. The number of baskets and filter media included are different among different models.

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X04/X05/X06 Output Nozzle. ... 306/406, 307/407 Filters, 9.8 ft. (3 m) ... Fluval and the Hagen Group take your privacy very seriously and as such we have updated our ...

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Motor Head Gasket for 305/405, 306/406, 307/407 Filters Impeller Shaft and Bushing for 06, 07 Series Filters Media Basket Cover for 105/205, 106/206, 107/207 Filters

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May 20, 2013 · The Fluval FX6 is yet another new Canister Filter for fish tanks and aquariums that need some serious filtration. Building on the previous big mombasa of canisters the Fluval FX5, the sixth iteration does away with grey and orange for black and red, plus a few new bells and whistles.

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