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“I’m hoping this all aligns exactly with my fanfic, Stan. If not, I will be very disappointed.” Gravity Falls does a lot with that line- points out the obsessive nature of fandom, lampshades Soos’ equally obsessive love of Stan- but it’s also a rather appropriate way to describe the challenge Gravity Falls’ writers must have faced when writing “A Tale of Two Stans.” “Not What ...

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Fantasy Reverse Falls Oc X Reverse Dipped Reverse Falls Fanfic Gravity Falls Gravity Falls Au Waking up from a four year coma only to find her father has gone missing , and her mother has decided moving her to a small town called reverse falls in Oregon will fix her depressed stupor.

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GRAVITY FALLS JOURNAL For joy of all the gravity falls fan we had taken the burden to create this awesome journal. You might be wondering what's inside this big journal, so here's a few bullet points for a quick look Product Details: This journal contains 150 sturdy white pages.

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Fireloom is a fanfiction author that has written 5 stories for Wolf Children/おおかみこどもの雨と雪, Gravity Falls, and Sherlock.

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Just a idea for all the Steven Universe x Gravity Falls crossover AUs: it wouldn’t make sense for the people in gravity falls to not know about gems unless… they were from different dimensions! This is definitely allowable within Gravity Falls cannon.

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Gravity Falls book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME EARLY! USE THIS JOURNAL REPLICA TO WRITE ...

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Gravity Falls Crossover. Bipper and Beast Wirt. Gravity Falls Crossover Fandom Crossover Yandere Garden Falls Gavity Falls Randy Cunningham Flipper Fanart Bad Friends.

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gravityfalls billcipher dipperpines dipper billdip mabelpines mabel bill pines bipper cipher reversefalls gravity fanfiction willcipher falls pacificanorthwest dipcifica soos dipperxreader 1.2K Stories

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17 Gravity Falls Was Supposed to Happen Differently. If you think about it... So, things would have never happened in Gravity Falls if it weren't for time travel. Soos would have never worked at the mystery shack. Wendy wouldn't be friends with Dipper. Toby Determined would have been successful. Soos would never love his birthday.

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One great recommendation for a Gravity Falls fanfiction is a story called A Rose Without Petals, by CrypticMoonFang. This story was twice nominated in GrapplingHook's story 2013 Gravity Falls Fan Fiction Awards, in the categories " Most Emotional Gravity Falls Fan Fiction " and " Best Gravity Falls Rated T Story ".

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Alternate Universe - Transcendence (Gravity Falls) what if gravity falls was in florida; Crack Taken Seriously; i dont know what this is but it was fun to write; Summary. The TAU Discord server suggested: what if Gravity Falls was in Florida, rather than Oregon? I tried to deliver on the prompt. Language: English Words: 637 Chapters: 1/1 ...

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May 13, 2020 - gravity falls mabel x bill #bill #y #mabel ~ bill y mabel _ bill y mabel love _ bill y mabel anime _ mabel x bill _ mabel and bill _ bill cipher x mabel _ gravity falls mabel x bill _ mabel x bill comic

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I remember in "Gravity Falls" with 'Gideon Rising' that Wendy Corduroy had family in Canada or somewhere North, with the Msytery Shack under Gideon, Wendy would go to her other relatives to find a job for the Summer. I just feel sad for the Corduroy family. 3) To me, Dipper Pines would confess to Dan Corduroy to all this.

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