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We've designed a 16-month Hebrew calendar exclusively for you.. Our Hebrew calendar begins in September 2020/5781 and continues through December 2021/5782. Get on God's timeline. SPECIAL OFFER: Order our 7 Steps to Emotional Healing and get this calendar for free! Click here for this special offer.

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The Torah Portions Schedule. Each week, synagogues across the world read a section from the Torah (the five books of Moses). In Hebrew, this passage is called Parashat HaShavua (פָּרָשַׁת הַשָּׁבוּעַ), which means "portion of the week." Sometimes it is called the parsha or sidra.The Jewish community follows a schedule of readings based on the Hebrew calendar.

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Jewish Year 5782 ­ Tishri 1 (begins in Autumn During Christian Year 2021) - Years Remaining Until 6001 - 219 Jewish Year 5783 ­ Tishri 1 (begins in Autumn During Christian Year 2022) - Years Remaining Until 6001 - 218

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In fact, the holidays never are early or late; they are always on time, according to the Jewish calendar. Unlike the Gregorian (civil) calendar, which is based on the sun (solar), the Jewish calendar is based primarily on the moon (lunar), with periodic adjustments made to account for the differences between the solar and lunar cycles.

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punctuates the week, so too the holidays punctuate the year. Less known, but no less central in the Jewish cycle of time, is Shmita, the “year of release,” which is more widely known as the sabbatical year. The next Shmita falls in the Jewish year 5782, which begins on Sept. 7, 2021.

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See full list on timeanddate.com

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free rosh hashanah ecards 2020 5781 free rosh hashannah ecards 2020 5781 free rosh hashana ecards 2020 5781 free jewish new year ecards 2020 5781 free judaic new year ...

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Nov 20, 2018 · The Lunar Calendar. The system of keeping time in the Old Testament was based on the cycles of the moon rather than a solar calendar like we use today. In fact, the Hebrew term for "month," chodesh, means "new [moon]," referring to the new moon that began the month. The lunar cycle played a significant role in the cultural and religious life in ...

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Jewish Holy Day and Festival Calendar - 5781-5790 (2020-2030) SHABBAT (THE SABBATH) Begins every Friday at sunset and ends Saturday at nightfall. One of the most sacred days of the Jewish calendar. Observed by prayer and study. 5781 (2020-21) 5782 (2021-22) 5783 (2022-23) 5784 (2023-24) 5785 (2024-25) 5786 (2025-26) 5787 (2026-27) 5788 (2027-28 ...

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Jewish Holiday Calendar *Holidays begin at sundown the evening before the day noted. 2020-2021(5781-5782) Holiday Calendar. Hanukkah ~ 25 Kislev - 3 Tevet, 5781 ~ December 11-18, 2020 Purim ~ 14 Adar, 5781 ~ February 26, 2021 Passover ~ 15-22 Nissan, 5781 ~ March 28 - April 4, 2021 Rosh Hashanah ~ 1-2 Tishrei, 5782~ September 7-8, 2021 Yom Kippur ~ 10 Tishrei, 5782 ~ September 16, 2021

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The Jewish Calendar. The Jewish calendar is based on the revolutions of the moon around the earth, whereas the Gregorian (common) calendar is based on the earth’s rotation around the sun. The lunar year comprises (in a normal year) twelve months each of 29 or 30 days. In a leap year a thirteenth month is added, known as Adar II.

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Oct 31, 2019 · Members of the community come together to prepare all the goodies for the annual Jewish Food Fair at Moses Montefiore Temple, 102 Robinwood Lane in Bloomington. Notably featuring a carry-out

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In the 2021 Jewish Art Calendar, Mickie has created 14 lovely illuminations for a hanging wall calendar that covers the 16 months from September 2020 through December 2021, corresponding to the Jewish year from Elul 5780 through Tevet 5782 (Sept 2021 – Dec 2021 appear on one page, so the boxes are small).

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