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Dental pain is a common problem and can arise when the nerve within a tooth dies due to progressing decay or injury. Without treatment, bacteria can infect the dead tooth and cause a dental abscess, which can lead to swelling and spreading infection, which can occasionally be life threatening.

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When a periapical abscess develops, plaque bacteria infect your tooth as a result of dental caries (tiny holes caused by tooth decay) that form in the hard outer layer of your tooth (the enamel). Dental caries break down the enamel and the softer layer of tissue underneath (dentine) and eventually reach the centre of your tooth (pulp).

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Aug 22, 2019 · Surgical procedures. If a person has a periapical abscess, possibly from tooth decay, they will likely need a root canal to treat the infection. Severe gum infections can damage nearby teeth and ...

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In extremely rare cases, the infection can travel to the heart (endocarditis) and brain (bacterial meningitis). What causes a tooth abscess? Anything that creates an opening for bacteria to get into the tooth or surrounding tissues can lead to a tooth infection. Causes include: Severe tooth decay: A cavity, or tooth decay, is the destruction of ...

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Aug 31, 2011 · In cases where access is simple, one surgical treatment may be all that is necessary but in more difficult cases more than one treatment may be necessary to get the infection under control. It is very important to develop a good daily oral hygiene routine to keep the gums around your teeth and implants healthy, and to supplement that with regular checkup and maintenance appointments in the dentist’s office.

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I just had a my 3rd infected huge gum boil on the right side of the roof of my mouth. I already had root canals but it seems that the root canal did not get the infection out from the last tooth of my upper right part of my mouth. The infection seems to be high up on the root that is probably into the sinus area and is giving me head pain.

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Jan 22, 2014 · Here is a simplistic way of looking at things. When you have a tooth infection, germs can easily enter the bloodstream. The germ then travels around the body and cause mishaps on your organs unless your immune system is able to block it. For example one brain-related problem you could contract as a result of teeth abscess is brain abscess.

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The abscess has formed a tract from the tooth root canal(s), through the bone and has formed the thing you want to pop. This is a fistula, a drain. Given time it will pop and drain itself. It will do no harm if you pop it.

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Maybe the tooth will have to go since apart from the chronic inflammation, there is also a cosmetic problem – the tooth has become discoloured. But back to what happened a few days ago. The infection developed during the Easter holiday, so I had about 4 days to wait for my dental surgery to reopen.

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Some treatment options typically include: Puncturing and draining the abscess. A small puncture is made to drain the pus, followed by a rinse with saline solution. Root canal. A root canals involves removed part or all of the “pulp” of the tooth, which is filled with nerves and blood... Tooth ...

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The only way to cure a dental abscess is with dental treatment. Your doctor will be able to advise you, but they cannot provide the treatment needed If the abscess is inside one of your teeth (a periapical abscess), root canal treatment will usually be recommended. This involves drilling into the affected...

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May 16, 2011 · Tooth Resorption Dental resorption refers to a condition wherein the body identifies the tooth as a foreign object and start attacking it. There are many causes that can start the process of resorption, the most common is substantial injury to the tooth or its root. In order to heal, the body destroys the broken parts of the tooth or root.

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