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Metro Exodus - Volga - Weapon & Upgrades - Kalash Suppressor & 4x Scope - Revolver 8 Shot - Tikhar - YouTube Hi guys, just a quick vid grabbing some of the missed weapons and upgrades from the...

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1 - Invité 2 - coucoucircus 3 - Picsou 4 - xgarreau 5 - Spicefan25 6 - Yoruichi 7 - Lonewolf 8 - fantomas84 9 - winry9101 10 - Emma_Peel 11 - Callie 12 - neo

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In the new Metro Exodus, ... Suppressor, Standard Barrel, Long Barrel. Suppressor lowers damage (worth it). ... This pinnacle is part of the Kalash family, and it is a much better assault rifle ...

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Feb 15, 2019 · The world of Metro Exodus isn’t a friendly one, so you’ll want to be well armed. Here’s our guide to the weapons of the wasteland.Metro Exodus will put you in the path of some pretty nasty ...

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Valve and bulldog have 4 mags. It's just a matter of finding them. The valve goes single, 5, 10, and 15. The 15 rounder is related to semi-auto and denoted in the game files as ventil_magazine_big or something along those lines.

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Feb 13, 2019 · Metro is a series known for its confining and dimly lit spaces. Exodus shakes up the formula by placing Artyom in a variety of diverse environments far more open than the home he’s known the past two decades. The main attraction this time around is a train called the Aurora.

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Jun 12, 2018 · AK-74 "KALASH" from the upcoming game - Metro Exodus. Model taken from the official website of the game. Features: -Full animated -High poly model -HQ Textures -Sniper score (beta) Pre-Install: 1) Make two copies of w_ar_assaultrifle.ytd from the archive. 2) Rename w_ar_assaultrifle-copy.ytd to w_ar_assaultrifle_hi.ytd 3) Rename w_ar_assaultrifle-copy-copy.ytd to w_ar_assaultrifle+hi.ytd ...

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This is walfasized Sammy - a handmade assault rifle created by survivors in Vladivostok. It is one of the new weapons in Sam's Story, a story DLC for Metro Exodus. Created after World War III by gunsmiths in Vladivostok, the Sammy is a Kalash rifle modified to use incendiary rounds that were also developed in Vladivostok.

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