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Although these calculators vary slightly in the way they work, generally they will ask you to enter your ZIP code and details about your home size, structure, build date and features. The calculator will determine a rebuild cost for your home based on that information (see Resources).

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Chapman Windows Doors & Siding Offers Stucco Remediation When you take a drive around our area, you see many different styles of houses with various examples of siding and exterior accents. Stucco and part-stucco siding has long been a popular choice, used on houses ranging from Colonial to Ranch to Contemporary. It offers clean lines while projecting the inviting 'warmth' we like in our homes ...

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STC Calculator. Use the STC Calculator to find the STC Rating of your wall by filling out the form below. Use our resources below to find more cost-effective ways to improve your STC Rating, or use the STC Calculator to determine alternate wall designs.

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Nov 30, 2010 · Also, roofing and siding are a commodity now days, so even if you are off by a few sq. feet, it is fine. It’s not marble flooring, where each tile costs $20 + installation, and when you are off by 30 sq. feet, you can be down $1000. In roofing, 30 square feet is a bundle of roofing shingles, and costs $27.95 at Home Depot. scrj

NEW Edit, Print & Save this in Homewyse Lists Create your own price list in Homewyse Lists For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 120 square feet, the cost to Repair Stucco starts at $31.12 - $37.55 per square foot*. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options.

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An 80-90 lb bag of traditional stucco costs $10-15. This provides 100-180 sq.ft. of coverage. This roughly amounts to the price of $0.05-0.10 per square foot. A bag of finishing coat stucco costs $18-22.

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Traditional stucco costs $10 to $15 per 80-90 lb. bag. One bag can cover approximately 100-180 square feet, making the cost for traditional stucco $0.05 to $0.10 per square foot. Synthetic stucco is another matter, however. Synthetic stucco costs $40 to $50 per 5 gallon bucket.

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Calculate the number of bags of ready-mix stucco powder you need for the job. Read the instructions on the bags of stucco to determine how much a bag will cover. In most cases, a single five-pound bag will cover 30 square feet.

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In the home repair industry, stucco repair and stucco remediation are two very different services. Repairing faulty stucco siding is not at the top of anyone’s home improvement wish-list, but inaction is not a good option when it comes to moisture intrusion.

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The tools used, the safety measures taken and the urgency of completion are different for every project, and all of these factors can influence the total price. If you want a rough estimate to start budgeting, however, plan for the cost of professional sandblasting to be anywhere from $916 to $1,198.

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The manufacturers listed above are not available at all locations. Visit our Branch Locator to see what products are available at a location near you.

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Sika Corporation. 201 Polito Avenue Lyndhurst New Jersey 07071 United States of America phone +1 (201) 933-8800 fax +1 (201) 804 1076

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Get up-to-date, cost guides and calculators for over 1000 popular remodeling and improvement materials. Unlike websites that aggregate "historical prices" and lack specific job details and accuracy, Homewyse material cost estimates are based on the unique requirements of your job, based on your job size, your quality requirements and your location. . Homewyse uses the unit cost method along ...

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