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Apr 09, 2011 · Thin with tamiya's X20 (i think) thinner. i recommend getting glass eye drops and a couple extra bottles of paint and thinner and start playing around with ratios. It's how I learned and 90% of the painting i do is done by brush with tamiya.

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The paint can be thinned for airbrushing using Tamiya X-20A Acrylic thinner. The paint can be also thinned for airbrushing using Tamiya Lacquer Thinner. Using Tamiya Lacquer Thinner will yield faster drying results and a harder finish. For better paint brushing results use Tamiya Paint Retarder (87114) for a smoother brushstroke free finish.

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Jan 16, 2014 · The higher number is the paint, the lower number is the thinner. The ratio depends how thick do you want the paint to be on what you are painting. 70/30 good for models. I would recommend Denatured Alcohol for use with Tamiya paint, for thinner. Frank

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Paint thinner also keeps the paint flowing through your paint gun easier for any paint job. If you need paint thinner for your paint job, O'Reilly Auto Parts carries a variety of paint thinners and all the chemicals you need for your next paint project. Check out our selection and find a paint thinner for your repair.

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Shop all in stock Tamiya paints, cement, and more! ... Tamiya 81040 Poly Acrylic Paint Thinner X-20A X20A 250ml Bottle. ... Tamiya 87077 Lacquer Paint Thinner 250ml.

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Tamiya X-20A acrylic thinner is the perfect choice to thin Tamiya acrylic paint when spraying through an airbrush or cleaning bristle brushes.

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tamiya color acrylic paintx-20a thinner t a m iy a e x t r a t h i n c e m e n t danger: tamiya color acrylic paint x-20a thinner surface primer for plastic & metal (gray) l surface primer for plastic & metal (white) fine l tamiya finishing supplies surface primer for plastic & metal (gray) #87053 tamiya putty - basic type #87095 tamiya putty ...

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The following photo sequence shows the painting of a 1/24 Porsche Carrera model car body, using lacquer paints from spray cans. Below: Bare plastic car body, wet-sanded with 600 and 1500 grit wet-or-dry sandpaper. Below: After first primer coat (Tamiya primer). Below: After second primer coat. Below: After first mist coat of Tamiya TS-42 ...

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Fill a spray bottle with paint thinner or lacquer. These items are sold at any hardware supply store. You will need to choose the appropriate thinner or lacquer to mix with the type of auto paint you will be using. The contents of your paint will define what type of thinner you will use.

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Jul 16, 2012 · Lacquer thinner is pretty strong stuff, and will eat away plastic if you're not careful. I use it as the cleaner of last resort, but don't thin anything but Tamiya primer and Mr. Surfacer with it. Isopropyl alcohol will thin most Tamiya paints just fine (their metallic ones need something stronger).

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TAMIYA T87077 | Tamiya Lacquer Thinner 250ml | Fast & Free Shipping over $99 Australia Wide | Buy Now Pay Later Options Available from Melbourne's largest toy, game and hobby shop

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For Enamel thin with X-20 For Acrylic thin with X-20A Are you using an airbrush? If so, then somewhere around 20-25% thinner usually does the job for me when using a fresh jar. (I tip left over thinned paints back into the jars). Also, if you or anyone else is using the flat clear coat XF-86, I thin this a lot, say 50/50, to avoid a milky finish.

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I thinned some Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer (which recommends Tamiya Lacquer Thinner) with Mr Hobby Levelling Thinner and it completely blocked up my airbrush, so I was looking for an alternative. I needed to use nail polish remover to clean out the airbrush.

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